I'm really bored.  I've been harbouring some anger for the past 24 hours now and my plans to relieve some of that stress are backfiring.  Now I get stuck with two crappy feelings.  Worst part of the whole situation is that I'm without my laptop until I get home tonight, and that won't happen until 11pm tonight.  I then get to perform system maintenances until 1am.  Yay for me! 

Sometimes, you just have to let go of the anger.  Amazingly enough, had I just gotten over it this morning, I'd have killed both of those birds with one stone.  I'd still be a little perturbed, but certainly not to the extent of being stuck in my current situation.

What also sucks is the lack of a film worth seeing tonight.  So that leaves me with a little less than 7 hours to simmer.  Ho hum.

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