R.I.P. Hard Drive

Lost a hard drive the other day. Fortunately it was on my wife’s machine and contained minimal “necessary” data. The down side is having to start over and find a replacement drive. It literally b0rked the whole system, so I ended up re-installing Windows on a spare hard drive.

At this point, I’m still in the era of AGP video cards, IDE hard drives, and 32-bit/0.13 micron processing. Not that you can’t have a usable system at that rate, but I am a bit behind. I’ve been running these boxes for almost 2 years, and I usually upgrade between the 18-36 month range.

With the thought of upgrade floating around. The replacement drive will most likely come in the flavor of SATA. This would usher me (read: my wife’s PC) into the PCI-E/SATA/64-bit world. I mean, I could run these machines til they break, but I like to actually enjoy my games. I don’t toss the old parts, I actually keep them around just in case. It’s always nice to be able to assemble a quick system of old parts, if necessary.

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