A Keyboard, Two Hats, and A Hibachi

We stopped by storage today. Yeah, living in smaller area requires additional storage at my current stage of “stuff”. I think we were looking for a cleaning tool, but couldn’t find it. So instead we left with a keyboard, two hats, and a hibachi.

What pray tell did I get the keyboard for? Well, I needed it. My F5 on the ex-current one has been mashed so often that it has pretty much become useless, unless you need to hold F5 for incsonsisten periods of time. Rather than remap the key on all my beloved apps, I dropped in this dusty spare. It’s a Dell QuietKey, black, and works just fine. The one was some Micron, which was all fine and dandy until that damn F5 lost the will to rebound from depression. (tee hee)

The other goods, well, they’ll come in handy down the road. Say I go camping, catch some fish and need to fry them, but before doing so, the hat will help protect my head. So, aside from not getting what we needed from storage, I got some really good stuff.

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