Modding Oblivion, Take 1

So I've been playing Oblivion for a couple of days now, and I've heard about modding it, read about modding it, but hadn't tried it. That was until last night. I started with the couple of tutorials I found on it, then took to the road of writing my own mods.

Let's just say I wasn't super successful. My first problem, was I didn't read up enough on the syntax of the language. Okay, so I went back and read that instead of having something like:

timer = 10

you need something more like:

set timer to 10

Cool, fine, whatever. Every language I've tinkered around in has had growing pains. So, let's get this script setup and run with it. Well, I decide to attach this script to a bear. A black bear. I re-launch Oblivion and then I say, "D'oh!" I don't even know how to load up a bear. Back to the reference. Right, so player.placeatme <FormID> gets me the NPC I need. Alt+Tab back into the game, and BAM! A bear?!? No, another error. I can't load the bear. Why? Apparently, I don't have its FormID. After more searching, I find some nice reference sites that list NPC's, but guess what… keine Bären!

I'm tired at this point, but not down yet. I cheat my way into that monster testing area. Find the right door, find the right bear, and get the ID. I diligently type the command to load the bear. No dice! WTF? I'm done. I headed for the bed and will tackle this beast, later.

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