Modding Oblivion, Take 2

During my hiatus, I read a little bit about texturing and modeling, so I've also started to fool around in that realm. Unfortunately, I've suffering from another hardware loss. My drawing tablet. Mouse editing of textures is super tedious for me, and I really like the tablet action when available. So for now, I'm putting that on hold until I can get a new drawing tablet.

Back on track, I recently discovered that the construction kit tells you the ID of what you want to load when you mouse over the NPC (or something like that.) So I now have the black bear ID…00097A15. At last! Time to test the script which I previously attached to this mysteriously untouchable bear. Failure. That's okay. I'd rather fail from trying, you know the saying.

I spent some more time with it and scored a usable script. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's a start. Maybe I'll have something publishable soon. I haven't decided yet on this particular concept because I really wanted to be able to attach it to the player in some way. An attribute if you will. Ahh, back to the drawing board.


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