Deer Piñata

I always freak out when I drive down this one road in KC. It’s dark, and there is a spot where the approach on a specific guard rail looks like a deer. It gets me everytime. I usually slow down and then remind myself of this location. Maybe I just need to drive it more often.

Anyway, I know people who have hit real deer and sometimes I think — how nice would it be to take home that dead deer and make summer sausage. I love deer summer sausage. Well, there are practical problems, and legal issues surrounding such a venture. So enter my new idea…a deer piñata.

What the hell is a deer piñata you ask? Well, it’s just like a normal piñata, except bigger, heck, life-size. I could make these life-size deer piñatas, fill them with deer summer sausage, and put them in the middle of the road for people to hit. Then when they hit the deer. They don’t go, “Oh sh*t, I just hit a deer!” Instead they say, “Oh sh*t, I just hit a deer piñata and got summer sausage to take home. Hooray!”

How cool would that be? Like the golden ticket from Willy Wonka’s adventurous tale. This prize would be a rare treat indeed.

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