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Korean Food

Posted in Food on May 5, 2006 by osake

I experienced my first Korean restaurant today. Choga Korean Restaurant (although the sign would make me think that it's Cho Ga). The recommended dish from my friend was Bi Bim Bab. It's got all the good stuff in it. Meat, salad, noodles, and an EGG! On the side you get something that I'd equate to the equivalent of a mildly spicy, very thick barbecue sauce and a bowl of sticky rice.

They also bring out four community dishes. I saw Kim Chee, the cabbage type thing; something that had a similar look to Kim Chee in the seasoning department, but with a different food underneath; something that looked like sprouts and julienned cucumber; and log of egg cooked up with some veggies in it and sliced. The egg dish was the easiest to eat of the four items. I also enjoyed the Kim Chee and the sprout/veggie mix. The fourth dish…not so sure on. I mean, it tasted okay, but the texture was a little off and I couldn't quite place what it was. Maybe it was a fruit or vegetable. The service wasn't very helpful with questions.

On the main dish, I was told to just plop the sauce in, add the rice, stir, and eat it up. What better way to go? The sauce was so thick that it didn't readily fall off it's plate without a little help from the old handy chopsticks. Did I mention that they only had chopsticks and a spoon? Then the rice slid out of its metal home and into my bowl. After a lot of mashing and stirring, it was ready for consumption.

I ate for what seemed like an eternity.  I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the dish. After sitting for about five minutes and feeling a little light-headed, I managed to polish off my bowl. We joked that the spoon was the utensil of humiliation if you couldn't handle eating with chopsticks. I'm sure it was for some of their more soup-type dishes. I finished with pride, saving the spoon as the only untouched item on my portion of the table.

My only real complaint was that I could have used a refill on my water. Other than that, good service and excellent food. This type of place falls into to my occasional food category (every 1-3 months). I'm not quite hard core, and they are a little steep on cost. I'll probably go with the Bulgogi Lunch Box next time. It looked really good too.