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First You Scrape, Then You Lick

Posted in Humor on June 18, 2006 by osake

I probably don't watch as many cartoons as I did when I was a kid. It's not that I don't like them. Nope, it's just harder to budget them into my current lifestyle.

Currently, I'd say that I watch maybe five hours of cartoons a week at best. I occasionally get together with friends and watch them, but by myself, the habit is dwindling. Stupid bed time… No, my mother isn't my keeper, my job is.

So there is this day that I happen to go over to my friend's house. He's watching toons, which isn't unusual for him. Billy and Mandy is on. I think it may be "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy", or something along those lines. This is actually a spin-off, or more of a split-off of "Grim and Evil" from Cartoon Network. I guess Evil just didn't have the huevos to keep going.

If you're still lost, but want to know more. Billy and Mandy is a show about a couple of kids who get the grim reaper, Grim, after a contest. Billy is pure moron, Mandy is evil genius, and Grim is a carribean-voiced, harbinger of death.

If that's not enough, try this: Billy and Mandy

Okay, so where was I? Oh yeah, over at my friend's house watching this show. And Grim is making cookies, peanut butter and blood, for Dracula. He heads over to the retirement home of all places and hooks up Dracula with these cookies.

Dracula is the equivalent of Fred Sanford from Sanford and Son. Excuse me if you don't get all my pop culture American references. He's a senile old man, a receding hairline afro, and he talks in the third person. It's pure comedy.

"Dracula don't like peanut butter!"

So, he demands that Grim go with him to a senior citizen special at some diner. I get a little fuzzy on this part, so forgive me if you've seen it and the details aren't precise. During their adventure, they end up in the desert. Dracula gets tagged by a giant scorpion. Then Grim gets pummeled by the same scorpion.

Grim asks Dracula to suck out the poison. I mean, that's what Dracula is known for right? So he says, "Dracula don't suck! First he scrapes, *scrape scrape scrape*, then he licks *lalalalala*" This is where I lose it.

After seeing this, I went on to spread it as the gospel of humor. Kids around the world now have joy because of me. Well, Billy and Mandy. But I spread that joy damnit!


Turn For The Better

Posted in Hardware, Rant, Software, Zen on June 14, 2006 by osake

I might repeat myself a touch here.

I got my computer partially restored. I still don't have the 120GB hard drive, and I'm finally starting to accept it as a loss. The interesting bit is that before moving into my new place (yeah, the whole emancipation from sister-in-law thing which I don't recall explaining fully), I decided to dir /s my drive into a text file on another hard drive.

Had I the space to fully back it up, I would have. My nature, and new philosophy is to be more redundant. Moreso in computer data than real life, heh.

So I sent myself this E-Mail containing said text file of the now missing data, and here's where the whole rant/zen action comes into play:

Just data massage this shit and figure out what can/can't be restored…move on, watch shit tons of anime and forget that the world is cruel and material things are why we suffer.


Now, when I say this. It's more of a personal note, hence less well formed. I'm not saying that I want to forget "material things are why we suffer" rather the cruelty of the material nature of my problem.

My dwelling on the whole debacle has been rather taxing on my relationships with everyone and everything I know. I want to move on. I'm finally feeling ready to accept this particular loss. Thus, the turn for the better.

I'm also pretty excited that I'll soon be back to modding Oblivion, watching anime, and balancing my other bajillion hobbies. I'm not ready to transcend my physical body. Heck, I'm just getting back into the swing of touching this mechanical beast that causes me so much pain.

So, before you go, remember this: If you get burned playing with fire, don't let that hold you back. Get some asbestos underoos and hop back into the flames. Saying that makes me understand that silly billboard of the surfer that suffered limb loss from a shark attack. "Me, quit? Never!"

Hah! It still makes me laugh. What a silly billboard. If my computer ever took my arm, I'd beat the crap out of it. Then I'd have it stuffed and mounted over my fireplace…if I had one. Finally, I'd buy a more obedient computer.

PC Woes Continue

Posted in Hardware on June 9, 2006 by osake

I've been rather busy lately. With moving into a new place after back-to-back weekends of vacation, I'm just plain ol' exhausted.

Earlier this week, I tried booting up my PC. The biggest hard drive was missing. I do some basic troubleshooting and see that it's no longer listed in the BIOS. Further troubleshooting up to today has proven that it fails to consistently detect. The result is that I just want my data off of there safe and sound.

Reboot the PC, Windows fails to start. What happened? It could be the several reboots that took place. I tried to do them as safely as possible. It could be that hard drive. But, even without the drive, that damned thing won't boot past the start screen of Windows.

If you look at one of my previous posts where I lost a hard drive and in turn, left me re-installing Windows on my other machine, then you are in for a real treat. This is the same make/model of drive. It had a worthless 1-year warranty, so I cannot replace it. And now, it has killed another OS.

If you want to know, just don't buy the WD-1200JB or whatever, it's a 120 GB Caviar SE (PATA) drive that has a 1-year warranty. I understand why that warranty is so low, it's because the drive is utter crap. I'm sure others have complained about it, but here's the lesson you need to not forget:


I haven't had much inspiration to even touch a computer, except at work. Could this be the end of computers as I know it? I've got tons of other hobbies. I'll just mull over it for awhile and get back to you. I'll still blog, since I have access at work. I just don't know if I can bring myself to use a computer again, at least any time soon.