PC Woes Continue

I've been rather busy lately. With moving into a new place after back-to-back weekends of vacation, I'm just plain ol' exhausted.

Earlier this week, I tried booting up my PC. The biggest hard drive was missing. I do some basic troubleshooting and see that it's no longer listed in the BIOS. Further troubleshooting up to today has proven that it fails to consistently detect. The result is that I just want my data off of there safe and sound.

Reboot the PC, Windows fails to start. What happened? It could be the several reboots that took place. I tried to do them as safely as possible. It could be that hard drive. But, even without the drive, that damned thing won't boot past the start screen of Windows.

If you look at one of my previous posts where I lost a hard drive and in turn, left me re-installing Windows on my other machine, then you are in for a real treat. This is the same make/model of drive. It had a worthless 1-year warranty, so I cannot replace it. And now, it has killed another OS.

If you want to know, just don't buy the WD-1200JB or whatever, it's a 120 GB Caviar SE (PATA) drive that has a 1-year warranty. I understand why that warranty is so low, it's because the drive is utter crap. I'm sure others have complained about it, but here's the lesson you need to not forget:


I haven't had much inspiration to even touch a computer, except at work. Could this be the end of computers as I know it? I've got tons of other hobbies. I'll just mull over it for awhile and get back to you. I'll still blog, since I have access at work. I just don't know if I can bring myself to use a computer again, at least any time soon.

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