Fried Rice

Ahh, yes, fried rice.  I pretty much avoid fried rice like the plague.  It’s not that I don’t care for it, it’s just that steamed rice (white rice, whatever) is more healthy.  I usually order steamed rice with my meals.  I also like to see how the food tastes minus the flavorings of the fried rice.  The cooks around the midwestern U.S. don’t show off very often.  On a rare occasion I’ll order chicken fried rice, or something of the sort by itself.
Anyway, I got this wok a few years back for Christmas.  I hadn’t even used it until last night.  One of the recipes was for pork fried rice and we happened to have some leftover pork laying around.

Add some scallions, celery (I could have used bok choi, but we’re limited on budget), eggs, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, random other spices, some rice, and voila!  <– No accent, tee hee!   So I go about making it and the initial steps are running smoothly (that’s the vegetables, then rice part).  I get all excited, clear the center and dump the eggs in.

Now nobody says this is wrong, but it’s definitely difficult to get the rice to sit up on the edges while I cook the eggs in the center.  Maybe my wok isn’t well designed.  I mean it was a special from Wal-Mart.  Don’t go frowning just yet.  Remember, limited budget.  Not to mention, that thing came with a boat load of chopsticks, soup bowls and soup spoons, flat wood spatula, cooking chopsticks, and the nifty little recipe book.  Maybe I’ll buck up for a real wok someday.

The eggs are now cooking and doing pretty well.  I finally get a satisfactory level of done and toss in the rest of the stuff.  Then I realize that I forgot the soy sauce.  Oh no!  I dig it out, dump a judicious amount in, and away she goes.  This meal is near done.

We sit down to eat and boy, does it taste good.  I even just finished the leftovers.  So, the lessons were learned, the fried rice was good, and the tummy is happy.

I almost forgot.  Here’s a little rice lesson for you.  READ THE DIRECTIONS!  I read that I needed four cups of rice to make this dish.  So I jovially add four cups of dry rice to my pot, then the seven cups of water.  Thirty-ish minutes later…PAH POW!  A ton of rice.  Fortunately, I love rice.

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