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Taco Bell == Missing Link

Posted in Food, Rant, Zen on August 15, 2006 by osake

Yes, that’s programmer lingo (at least all the languages I know) for equivalence.  So, I recently declared, “I’m pretty sure that Taco Bell is the missing link in the circle of life.” on IRC today.  Let that soak in and I’ll tell you more.


Okay!  There are lots of things to say why this is true.  I prefer to prove truth by not thinking about the cons or disproof.  That may sound silly, but then again, how else do you achieve humor?

Taco Bell is a great food medium.  It’s relatively inexpensive.  I can digest it easily.  I can dispose of it easily *wink wink*.  Finally, it’s great conversation food.  That’s it.  That’s my argument.  Taco Bell is in fact the missing link.

There is another feature that I like.  You can have a discussion.

Why talk over fast food versus a nice restaraunt?  Well, for one, I like the privacy.  It’s like security through obscurity.  You expect important discussions to happen at some place like Outback Steakhouse.  Also, you don’t get bothered by someone trying to get you a refill, taking your order, or paying your bill during the meal.

The other crappy part is, at a nice place you have to concern yourself with time.  Fast food is usually quick to eat and then you leave when you’re ready.  Sure, force the issue at a higher end establishment, but I guarantee that you’ll still be spending more time.

I’ve gone on long enough.  Until next time.