Within Temptation – Silent Force

I picked this up the other day and have been listening to it quite a bit. Without knowing much about the band, it sounds like Tatu meets Linkin Park.  The 4th track especially reminds me of Hybrid Theory.  Nothing wrong with that. I like both bands. And yes, when I say Tatu, I mean the Russian duo.
I might have to go back and find some older music from this band. This album came out last year, so it’s not terribly novel, but from what I’ve read the lyrics seem to have different direction compared to their older stuff.

Thematically, I’ve been listening to lots of femme goth/metal/whatever you want to call it. I particularly enjoy a strong vocal range. Women lead singers are notably rare in American pop rock. The most recent break has to be Evanescence. While Amy Lee was busy touring, I had to find more lyrical divas to listen to.

My first big find was Lacuna Coil. I actually caught them at a concert in KC and it was all downhill from there. I still wanted more Evanescence. October was nearing and the promise of a new CD lurked.

Within Temptation came up in an Amazon review of the new Evanescence CD. At this point, I had already been listening to the new Evanescence, but with their new guitarist, I just wasn’t satiated. Within Temptation provided the fill for that gap.

Though Sharon has a higher pitched voice, it is still enjoyable. She provides that ethereal sound that Amy has on some of her tracks. I’m not knocking Lee’s vocal ability, just feeling that her band’s newer sound is a bit reserved. Sharon moved me like Amy did with “Imaginary” (in all its incarnations).

I recommend this CD, but be prepared for a different vocal range if you are an Evanescence fan.

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