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Christmas Loot

Posted in Food, Games, Music, Rant on December 27, 2006 by osake

I for one, am glad that Christmas is over.  Shopping for my wife is hard for me, even with a list of stuff to get.  I just hate the holidays period.  Well, from a shopping, wrapping, hiding stuff, etc. standpoint.  I love the anticipation, egg nog, and music.

While I didn’t get my highly anticipated Nintendo Wii, I did not leave Christmas disappointed this year.  I got a slew of cooking stuff, like a new bamboo cutting board (very nice, and its HUGE), a bamboo steamer sans metal (these are fun, trust me), and a new 14″ ultra heavy duty wok.

I originally wanted to upgrade my smaller wok to a stainless steal, or some other higher quality metal, but this one was also a non-stick style.  It is definitely a high quality non-stick style, but some of you who consider non-stick an automatic no-no for cookware will flog me for my heresy.  It is also very heavy duty.  I could easily defend the flogging that any purists would dare bring my way.

I got a neat little karaoke machine along with some CD+Gs.  This gift is definitely a blast.  I think I spend more time reminiscing the 80s with beat box sessions than actually singing along with the tracks, but that’s why karaoke boxes are so much fun.  They’re flexible.

I got Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the Gamecube.  A great little RPG to distract me from my next gift.  Japanese study materials!

I got Volume 2 of White Rabbit Press’s kanji flashcards.  These are great!  I did notice that the card stock is a bit flimsy compared to my volume 1, and Max Hodges was nice enough to explain the issue that they ran into with their provider for that resource.  I also received the 3-4 kyuu exam booklet from 2005 (my year of failure) so that I can practice those exam levels.  The plan is to complete 3rd kyuu in 2007 since I couldn’t afford the trip to Chicago for the 2006 test.

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas!