Dr. Pepper

What do you call Dr. Pepper?  I’ve heard derogatory, humorous, and even a confusing mixture of the two.  I’ve heard acronyms and obscure references.  More broadly, I have even seen all sorts of references to this once-king-of-my-world beverage.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still love the Doctor, or as I prefer DP for short.  Okay, okay, so doctor and ‘dee-pee’ have the same syllable count, but you know what I mean.  Many languages shorten via contraction and abbreviation to get the point across faster.

Tangentially speaking, we’re evolved, and still evolving into this “I want it, and I want it now” culture.  You have to be hip to all the memes or you’re just not worth conversing with.  Now, that isn’t my point, so don’t get all angry and stomp off after reading this.  I was just saying that this is my view on pop culture.

So as I was saying, DP is great.  But I made a new friend a few year back.  I don’t care about her scandalous past.  I don’t care if the formula changes (unless the taste goes in the toilet with it).  She’s a friend from my childhood even.  That’s right, Diet Dr. Pepper.  DDP if you will.

Along with DDP, I’ve had to re-arrange my whole lifestyle.  I hate being fat, but we’ll save that for another day.  This feeling however, has led me to set DP to a new term.  Diet Pepsi.  Oh yeah, if it’s diet and has caffeine, it is my friend.

So now, in my infinite wisdom have had to go back and add backwards compatibility (eww) for the legacy beverages when the scenario arises.  Yes.  I still indulge in a good ol’ HFCS Dr. Pepper when I can’t get anything else.  I also like to splurge on Barq’s, heh, but that’s not what this damn rant is about.

That’s it!  No more.  The End.


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