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Art For The Blind

Posted in Art, Novelty on March 21, 2007 by osake

We were discussing expensive art at lunch today. So I started thinking about converting famous pieces of art into some kind of topographical format, which would then be processed by a lathe. Now you have art that you can touch. The primary benefit would be giving blind people a chance to “see” famous pieces with their fingers.

This discussion was further enhanced by the thought of adding various degrees of warmth based on color. Sure, I took this from the movie “Mask”, where Rocky Dennis uses rocks of varying temperatures to help describe colors to a blind girl. (Apologies if I don’t recall how that scene went exactly.)

With the various levels of heat, you could gain further stimulus about what the painting means to you.  Maybe even bringing some pieces to life beyond that of what we would see with our own eyes.

Anyway, I just thought it’d be really cool to have this art experience that even non-vision impaired folks could enjoy. Being able to touch a Picasso would be fantastic, no? Would Seurat be lots of little dimples (or bumps)?