The Other Side – Part 001

Any Morning

It’s hot today.  The sun is unbearable, even this early in the morning.  I have only short walk to the station, but the wait for my transportation feels endless.   You see, I would wait at home, but the lines are long and the seating is limited.  If I got there late, I would be waiting for the next pick-up and then I would be tardy.  They don’t like you to be tardy.

As I stroll down to the station, I’m examined by a pair of passing troops on the street.  “Just look straight ahead and don’t make any awkward movements”, I tell myself.  The city is very strict with the law.  I don’t mind though, it keeps crime to a minimum.

After clearing the stairs to the platform, I finally make it to the line which is up to twelve people.  An officer of the transit system heads up the line.  While we wait for the next transport, everyone tends to keep facing forward and avoiding eye contact with the guard.  Someone was shot and arrested, just last month.  Why do some people seem to enjoy conflict so much?

The line continues to build.  People begin to shuffle their feet back and forth anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first transport.  After forty minutes of my usual morning tension, a rumble in the distance signals a wave of relief from us.

Fortunately, twelfth in line is right about the middle of the total capacity for the transportation unit.  I can even get a window seat, if I didn’t get motion sick.  Sometimes I get a dirty look for partnering up with another passenger early.  So really, a guy like me wants to be in the latter teens in the line position.

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