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Drift Racing Gone Awry

Posted in car on November 19, 2007 by osake

Since I didn’t plan this morning’s drifting adventure, there is not pre-accident footage. The leisurely drive to work started of great, and I even noted the damp conditions of the road prior to tackling this high end course. I get rolling around the suggested course speed of 35 miles per hour, but even that gentle canter was a bit much for my black beauty to handle.

If the puns are getting to be too much, then rest assured that I got my comeuppance. While I still don’t know the outcome of the car, I know that I survived. You can get some great post-crash information though, right here and here.

Other interesting stats:

  • KCPD response ~ 1 hr 20 min (yeah, I had to wait a while, heh)
  • Arby’s drive through ~ 5 min
  • ER triage ~ 25 min
  • CT scan + X-Ray ~ 10 min

I actually had 3 tow trucks before the police showed, dunno what to say about that stat since I wasn’t timing all that good stuff.  Sorry 😦


Super Mario Galaxy

Posted in Video Games on November 14, 2007 by osake

Well, as you all know, the Nintendo Wii has unleashed one of its first killer apps since release. That’s right: Super Mario Galaxy. We all saw it demonstrated at E3 back in the day. We all salivated in anticipation of its release. We all got rewarded earlier this week for our patience. Metacritic has got this thing pegged at the top of the Wii list and while I haven’t saved enough dough myself, the articles about it just keep the flames of desire going.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out Dillon’s review: or more directly