Drift Racing Gone Awry

Since I didn’t plan this morning’s drifting adventure, there is not pre-accident footage. The leisurely drive to work started of great, and I even noted the damp conditions of the road prior to tackling this high end course. I get rolling around the suggested course speed of 35 miles per hour, but even that gentle canter was a bit much for my black beauty to handle.

If the puns are getting to be too much, then rest assured that I got my comeuppance. While I still don’t know the outcome of the car, I know that I survived. You can get some great post-crash information though, right here and here.

Other interesting stats:

  • KCPD response ~ 1 hr 20 min (yeah, I had to wait a while, heh)
  • Arby’s drive through ~ 5 min
  • ER triage ~ 25 min
  • CT scan + X-Ray ~ 10 min

I actually had 3 tow trucks before the police showed, dunno what to say about that stat since I wasn’t timing all that good stuff.  Sorry 😦

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