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Scent of a Winning Season

Posted in Sports on April 2, 2008 by osake

The Royals are officially 2-0 today.  The last time this happened was in 2003 which happens to be their last winning season.  I don’t want to get any hype going or jinx them, however, baseball is all about stats and these are stats that I can savor until tomorrow.  I should have done more homework to figure out how the Royals fair in day games since the Detroit series is all being played at noon.

Other interesting bits:

  • Six games on the road to start the 2008 season, bleh, six less during the remaining 156 games I guess 🙂
  • In the past decade, KC has had a fair number of 4-2 starts, none of which produced a winning season (this only proves that the first 6 games don’t mean much).  The ’03 season started off 9-0
  • Royals are strongest in June/July, which is a pretty general statement, I just glanced over the past 10 years because I thought August was their best, but it’s really more around the All-Star break/Draft
  • DeJesus is hurt, but that’s going to give Gathright plenty of time to shine out in centerfield and strengthen their “G-Men” motif (Grudz, Gload, Gordon, Gathright, Guillen)

In closing, I just hope to enjoy a good season of growth with Hillman (the manager) and Yabuta  (pitcher) coming from Japan.  My expectations in order of best chance: “< 90 losses”, “.500 season”, “playoff spot/World Series(clumping for brevity)”.  All this despite the unsightly construction at my favorite venue in KC.

KC Royals がんばって!