Square Peg, Round Hole

I normally don’t enjoy burgers (or sandwiches to be more general) where the meat doesn’t look at least somewhat befitting of the bun. Yeah, it’s fun to go to a home cookin’ restaurant and eat a pork tenderloin that is larger than the plate, yet sits between slices of a White Castle bun. It’s smashed meat, what do you expect in that case?

Wendy’s has square patties, and I don’t really care, they’re not too crazy with the 2-dimensional properties, they prefer to “wow” you with the girth on the z-axis.

Enter Burger King’s Steakhouse burger. It’s hilariously huge. Completely unfit for on-the-drive consumption. But overall, the flavor was fun…like the commercial where people are wrecking their cars to get one. They even make one with mashed potatoes on top. It’s madness I tell you! That’s not even the end of the insanity. It’s a square burger.

Okay, I can breathe now. I did enjoy it. It was fun to eat (as long as are sitting at a table). Rickshaw out!

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