RailsConf 2008 Part 1 (Quotes)

RailsConf this year has been a lot better for me than last year.  I’m actually talking to people…crazy, I know.  The talks have been hit-or-miss for me just like last year.  I think it still lacks the extra Lightning Rounds.  But enough of that.  Here’s some quotes that I really liked.  I’ll apologize now if they’re not exactly what was said, but I believe they still convey the points:

Developers can write documentation that is comprehensive, not comprehensible. —Jim Weirich

Programs that are hard to write should be hard to understand. —Jim Weirich

People like choices a lot better than actually having to choose. —DHH

While talking to Jim, we were discussing documentation and the end-user.  This discussion spurred his two quotes.  Lastly, anyone attending tonight’s keynote likely picked up on DHH’s (no I won’t spell his name out) quote.

I guess I could stop there, but I just wanted to add that Joel Spolsky of http://joelonsoftware.com/ did a fantastic job of getting the main conference started.  He was a hoot.  Let the Angelina Jolie jokes run freely now that he’s broken the ice.  And with that said, I’m headed to bed.

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