The Brothers’ Adventure Begins

Halfling brothers Sam and Tam Footlick had an adventurous childhood.  Sam was always the troublemaker, while Tam, the younger, was innocent and just.  Tam was a great mediator as well, which came in handy when Sam’s wiles failed him.

One year, a paladin of Pelor by the name of Sir Marin Agdarish was passing near their village.  As he saw the two young halflings he felt compelled to stop and speak with them.

Seeing great potential after just a few moments with them, he took them in as apprentices to his profession.  Under the tutelage of Sir Agdarish, Sam & Tam excelled in the fighting arts.  Their innate cunning made them adroit fighters.

As time passed during their training, Tam adapted to the more upfront style fighting taught by Agdarish.  His older brother, however, only took the lessons at face value.  Lessons of wielding the various implements became rules of thumb as he spent more time honing his natural abilities.  Sam was also noted for spending numerous nights working on Sir Agdarish’s footlockers, drawers, and cabinets under the concealment of darkness.

One summer’s eve, after a hard day of training, the two brothers were assaulted by a small scouting group of gnolls.  As the two beasts bared their fangs, preparing to feast on the siblings, Agdarish sprung into action.

Long, but calculated slices cut the foes down before the eyes of the two inexperienced teens.  In shock, their eyes grew wider as a sword tip plunged through Agdarish’s belly.  Blood oozed down his legs and tears began to well in his eyes.  His legs buckled under the weight of his slumping body.

Digging deep for strength, Marin Agdarish let out a mighty cry for help from Pelor.  A soft glow enveloped him and he stood tall to the surprise of his aggressor.

Sam & Tam witnessed their teacher’s final blow to the surprised gnoll flanker in all it’s glory.  Bathed in the white light, they felt comforted for a short while as the last gnoll was beheaded.

As the light faded from the noble paladin’s body, the two brothers came to him quickly and he breathed his final words.

“Had you another season of training, this would not have happened.  Pursue friends of honor and learn to defend yourselves.  Save those in need and do good in the name of Pelor.  Sam, guard your brother’s back.  Tam, never let your brother fall in battle before you.”

With his final breath Sir Marin Agdarish passed into the night.  The boys knew what needed to be done.  Sam felt more of a need for revenge, whereas Tam desired justice under all circumstances.  And now their true journey begins.

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