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Brothers: Part 2

Posted in Creative Writing on July 21, 2008 by osake

After several days with a group of like-minded adventurers, Sam and Tam realized the folly of their ruse.  One evening, after everyone had fallen sound asleep, Sam and Tam quietly discussed the problem they had caused their new friends and agreed to a resolution.

The next morning, as the party began stretching, Tam called the group to his attention so that he could explain what had been going on.  His reasoning also forced him to take the reigns so as not to draw further indictments against his brother.

Tam spoke in a steady tone, “Fellow adventurers, I have caused a bit of a fuss that I must confess.  I am not Tam.  What I mean is, my name is not Tam.  It stems from a childhood prank that my brother and I have carried on for so long that we forgot to drop our act prior to forming our current group.”

Some of the members eye’s arched slightly expressing curiosity to hear more.  Others begin to roll their eyes as if they expected this game all along from a pair of halfling brothers.

Tam continued, unaffected by the various facial responses, “My name is actually Tulo.  The name Tam, as you have already experienced, is quite useful is causing chaos.  An ill-understood trait of my people of course.  Can you forgive us so that we might continue our adventures?”

The party clearly understanding Tulo’s intent, knew the direction that the more genuine brother was going.  Before he even finished his last sentence, a few had broken into chuckling, but managed to stifle laughter until  he had finished.  Tulo sighed in relief.  He knew that the party understood them better than he had given them credit.  That morning and afternoon, the brothers gratefully prepared meals for their friends.