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Changing Jobs

Posted in Uncategorized on September 6, 2008 by osake

A week is in the books at my new gig.  I’m not a consultant (at least by day), I’m a pretty typical nine-to-five guy…okay, nine-to-six.  This is more about the emotions of the transition rather than a guide for changing jobs.  I am composing within “Josh’s Journal” after all.

I will rewind back to Thursday, August 14th.  I had a slip of paper in my bag that was making me gut-wrenchingly ill.  When I work for a company for more than five years, uprooting myself is extremely difficult and painful.

I was actually heading into the final quarter of my seventh year.  I should also elaborate by saying that I’m a very dedicated person and don’t like to move around too much.  I’m sure that not everyone feels the same attachment to five years in a position, but felt a deep bond with my company forming and became all the more drawn into it, adding hooks day-by-day.

There was a point, that Thursday, where I considered going home sick.  The insightful readers might be seeing a bit of my non-confrontational side coming into play.  I said a prayer, and headed into the big office, my 8.5×11 “Get Out Of Jail Free” card in hand.  I didn’t feel like I was truly imprisoned, but I did feel like I was fixin’ to make my way to Free Parking to pick up some spending money, then on the way down to Boardwalk.

After a bit of dicussion and inquiry from the recipient, I headed back to my desk.  Feeling a bit better, I still had a little over two weeks of work to be done.  For the state of my employer there is no reason to really give any notice and there is no reason for them to hold to any such terms either.  It’s called “Right To Work”, which I believe is more intended for unions, but still plays a part in my employment.

The days to come were all over the board for me.  I don’t recall it being all that interesting.  Likely, the most interesting bit was stating my last day was the 29th, but that I’d be happy to help out.  So, I got to help alright.

The 30th was my first day of helping.  It wasn’t too bad.  Then there was September 1st.  Dread.  That’s the emotion that you feel for a few days when it clicks that you agreed to help out.  Ah yes, a chance to work on Labor Day.  Well, I must have done something right.  Monday rolled around and there was no work to be found.

Tuesday came quickly for me.  I hurried out the door to start my new job.  I always liked the first day of school and this day, as with my other jobs, is just like a first day of school for me.  Most people like Friday, when the “What is your favorite day?” question arises.  Mine, to be honest, is my first day of school.

At the end of my first day, I was very tired.  It’s not a physically exhausting job, but I didn’t even care to do much when I got home except eat and sleep.  Maybe I’m starting to sound like Michael Phelps (swim, eat, sleep).  He’s pretty good at what he does, maybe it’s a good formula.

Summing up Tuesday’s emotion: confused. (This isn’t bad, I just wanted a one word summary.)

Wednesday was similar to Tuesday, still very new, still learning my way around.  I suspect that I’ll still be in “new guy” mode for a bit longer.  Since I’m not a manager, I don’t really need to assert a strong voice right away.  I don’t mind, I like to learn anyway.

Summing up Wednesday’s emotion: eager.

Thursday was the first day that I really had a ton of time to learn my job directly.  It was simply amazing.  I’ve never done my similar jobs like this before.  The days seem to fly by so quickly.

Summing up Thursday’s emotion: amazed.

Friday ended my weekas I am accustomed to already.  It really didn’t feel like the average Friday.  I usually cannot wait to get my weekend started.  Sometimes there are events that exacerbate the feeling, but today could have gone on forever.  It was simply revisiting Thursday’s glory.  Being able to contribute and having contributions freely accepted is just beautiful.

Summing up Friday: grateful.  Summing up the week: a prayer answered.

It’s easy to stay faithful in success.  It’s the trials where your faith must persevere.