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Indy 4

Posted in Movies, Rant on May 21, 2008 by osake

Indy, indy, indy, indy, indy, indy…

…I can’t wait. Like the masses of Indiana Jones fans who don’t really care about the quality. It’s another moment for us to enjoy another page in this character’s life.

Hey, Star Wars Episode 1 wasn’t that bad. I’m not a Jar Jar fan, but there are moments in that film which I still like. So if Star Wars wasn’t a total ruinous mess, then neither will the Indiana Jones sequel be. Besides, this should be the last go for ol’ Ford.

I will boycott any Shia Lebeouf follow-up stories though. River Phoenix covered the prequel series on TV and I’m not asking for anything more than one last “hurrah” from Harrison Ford.