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Posted in Rant, Video Games on March 2, 2017 by osake

I’ve been all over the place with game development lately.  I have my Eternal Card Game sim which is pretty active.  I try to code on it at least an hour per week so it doesn’t rot.  I have a deck tracker for Eternal as well, which is manual, but it is what it is.

On the non-Eternal list of stuff, I started modeling out the Dungeons and Dragons Online area known as Stormreach Harbor.  It’s felt overwhelming to say the least.  I’ve started this a few times and always end up doing something else.  I’ve been watching a lot of Unity videos, getting great ideas, but nothing started yet.  I have a bowling game, a Japanese slide puzzle, a DDO character maker, and the list goes on.  I really need to put something to bed.

If the squirrel problem wasn’t bad enough, I’ve had a resurgence in playing DDO, I’m actively playing Clash Royale, pushing for 4k trophies, I just started Torment: Tides of Numenera (I actually started twice, once on my PC and once on my laptop… different builds) because it came it recently, and I’m working on 3 different Final Fantasy games.  What is wrong with me?

I’m just looking for something to scratch that itch, and it varies every day.  I’ve also been enjoying games, puzzles, books, and snuggling with my kids.  I can’t forget them, despite what my personal plans are.  On the upside, they like to watch me play Final Fantasy and they reenact scenes with their imaginations and home-made Lego swords… okay, not the safest, so we do have to practice caution.

Anyway, this was a bit ranty, I just felt the need to get it out there and cached on the mighty Internet.

P.S. I’m also writing two books, playing a lot of Rocksmith 2014, teaching myself piano, and looking to get back into art.  If days were longer, we’d just die faster.  I envy those who have narrow scope in life.


Top 10 Reasons _NOT_ To Own A G1

Posted in Hardware, Rant on December 4, 2008 by osake

I thought I would try and be objective after talking up the G1 with a top ten list.  Some of these are resolvable by just writing applications, so I expect the list to shrink over time (or maybe I’ll find new aggravations):

10. Battery seems weak, especially when you have crappy service coverage and the phone is constantly searching for signal.

9. OpenGL ES version is not the latest and greatest.

8. T-Mobile’s 3G infrastructure is still really weak.

7. No multi-touch gesturing (is this patented by Apple?).

6. Some navigation is awkward requiring the use of buttons and screen touching.

5. Alert notifications cannot be customized by type.

4. No way to kill (manage) applications that are running in the background.  I really want to know what kind of resources the apps are using when I return to the home screen.

3. Not enough storage for applications pack rats such as myself.

2. No native PDF support.  Gives a nice error though 🙂

1. MachDice.  A really sweet die rolling application that uses the OpenGL library that doesn’t exist on the G1 yet.

Top 10 Reasons To Own A T-Mobile G1

Posted in Hardware, Rant, Software on November 20, 2008 by osake

In other words, ten reasons I don’t own an iPhone (or the G1 is just as good).  And in no particular order, here they are:

10. It’s not AT&T.  Honestly, I don’t have a terrible grudge against them, but several people I am close to do.  My service provider happens to be T-Mobile as well.  Call me a shill.  Meh.

9. It has a physical keyboard.  I had a Blackberry as my last data phone.  Definitely spoiled by full qwerty access and the tactile response.

8. Applications that I write can easily be put on the phone, for free.  Last I checked, you have to pay out $99 USD and own a Mac.  Neither of which I had after buying the phone itself.  I still would like to own a Mac though.

7. My fairly content relationship with Google.  I enjoy most of the services that Google provides and having a device that is built to play well with my internet love affair is just dandy. (Yes, I refuse to capitalize the internet…take that!)

6. 3G.  Okay, my city doesn’t have it yet, but the end of the year is going to level the playing ground in most major US cities with our competitor.

5. Cross-platform development kit.  Maybe a little unfair to fill the list with dev arguments, but the fact is, you can develop for this phone on your choice of three major operating systems.  Thanks Java.

4. ShopSavvy.  I was a little pessimistic about this app after some bad luck with its lacking database, but it has grown tremendously since opening day.  I’m going to retire my other barcode scanning apps now.

3. Standardized USB communications port.  It looks a little wonky, but it works fine with a Mini-USB connector.  I know iPhones use that connector similar to the iPod, which I own, but I own far more Mini-USB cables, and I like being able to switch between all my other devices without carying a bunch of different cables.

2. ConnectBot.  It’s an SSH app that rocks the block.

1. I can find Uranus any time thanks to this stellar app called “SkyMap”

There are still several improvements that could be made to the G1, and maybe I’ll gird my loins up to write a top ten to counter this list.  I do admit that, as of today, I would buy maybe an iPod touch so that I could have that MachDice, die rolling, app currently available on the iPhone/iPod touch.

Indy 4

Posted in Movies, Rant on May 21, 2008 by osake

Indy, indy, indy, indy, indy, indy…

…I can’t wait. Like the masses of Indiana Jones fans who don’t really care about the quality. It’s another moment for us to enjoy another page in this character’s life.

Hey, Star Wars Episode 1 wasn’t that bad. I’m not a Jar Jar fan, but there are moments in that film which I still like. So if Star Wars wasn’t a total ruinous mess, then neither will the Indiana Jones sequel be. Besides, this should be the last go for ol’ Ford.

I will boycott any Shia Lebeouf follow-up stories though. River Phoenix covered the prequel series on TV and I’m not asking for anything more than one last “hurrah” from Harrison Ford.


Posted in Rant on April 11, 2007 by osake

I’m angry.  Okay, well maybe I’m just a little disappointed.  Having read the Spiderman comics and being a fan for so long, why in the world did Raimi decide to go with this look for Venom?

He looks starved.  I mean, come on.  Topher Grace would have been better suited for Carnage.  Oh, wait, they’ll probably have Steve Buscemi play Carnage in the next incarnation of this Marvel masterpiece.   No offense Steve.  I love your stuff.

There, I’ve gotten it off my chest.  I’ll still enjoy the film, but I’ll still dislike the fact that Venom looks dinky.

Dr. Pepper

Posted in Food, Rant on February 13, 2007 by osake

What do you call Dr. Pepper?  I’ve heard derogatory, humorous, and even a confusing mixture of the two.  I’ve heard acronyms and obscure references.  More broadly, I have even seen all sorts of references to this once-king-of-my-world beverage.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still love the Doctor, or as I prefer DP for short.  Okay, okay, so doctor and ‘dee-pee’ have the same syllable count, but you know what I mean.  Many languages shorten via contraction and abbreviation to get the point across faster.

Tangentially speaking, we’re evolved, and still evolving into this “I want it, and I want it now” culture.  You have to be hip to all the memes or you’re just not worth conversing with.  Now, that isn’t my point, so don’t get all angry and stomp off after reading this.  I was just saying that this is my view on pop culture.

So as I was saying, DP is great.  But I made a new friend a few year back.  I don’t care about her scandalous past.  I don’t care if the formula changes (unless the taste goes in the toilet with it).  She’s a friend from my childhood even.  That’s right, Diet Dr. Pepper.  DDP if you will.

Along with DDP, I’ve had to re-arrange my whole lifestyle.  I hate being fat, but we’ll save that for another day.  This feeling however, has led me to set DP to a new term.  Diet Pepsi.  Oh yeah, if it’s diet and has caffeine, it is my friend.

So now, in my infinite wisdom have had to go back and add backwards compatibility (eww) for the legacy beverages when the scenario arises.  Yes.  I still indulge in a good ol’ HFCS Dr. Pepper when I can’t get anything else.  I also like to splurge on Barq’s, heh, but that’s not what this damn rant is about.

That’s it!  No more.  The End.

Christmas Loot

Posted in Food, Games, Music, Rant on December 27, 2006 by osake

I for one, am glad that Christmas is over.  Shopping for my wife is hard for me, even with a list of stuff to get.  I just hate the holidays period.  Well, from a shopping, wrapping, hiding stuff, etc. standpoint.  I love the anticipation, egg nog, and music.

While I didn’t get my highly anticipated Nintendo Wii, I did not leave Christmas disappointed this year.  I got a slew of cooking stuff, like a new bamboo cutting board (very nice, and its HUGE), a bamboo steamer sans metal (these are fun, trust me), and a new 14″ ultra heavy duty wok.

I originally wanted to upgrade my smaller wok to a stainless steal, or some other higher quality metal, but this one was also a non-stick style.  It is definitely a high quality non-stick style, but some of you who consider non-stick an automatic no-no for cookware will flog me for my heresy.  It is also very heavy duty.  I could easily defend the flogging that any purists would dare bring my way.

I got a neat little karaoke machine along with some CD+Gs.  This gift is definitely a blast.  I think I spend more time reminiscing the 80s with beat box sessions than actually singing along with the tracks, but that’s why karaoke boxes are so much fun.  They’re flexible.

I got Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the Gamecube.  A great little RPG to distract me from my next gift.  Japanese study materials!

I got Volume 2 of White Rabbit Press’s kanji flashcards.  These are great!  I did notice that the card stock is a bit flimsy compared to my volume 1, and Max Hodges was nice enough to explain the issue that they ran into with their provider for that resource.  I also received the 3-4 kyuu exam booklet from 2005 (my year of failure) so that I can practice those exam levels.  The plan is to complete 3rd kyuu in 2007 since I couldn’t afford the trip to Chicago for the 2006 test.

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas!