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Randomized Dungeons

Posted in Development, Software, Video Games on April 19, 2017 by osake

I wrote a little dungeon maze generator using randomize Prim’s algorithm in Ruby.  The snippet below is the algorithm itself and works off of any sort of walls/rooms combo as long as it’s valid.  This should also work in hex or even a 3D maze since floors and ceilings are effectively a wall pair.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 6.11.26 PM

I’m looking to port this over to my new game, but wanted to prototype it in Ruby.  I think I should add some variety by dropping rooms at random on a given size.  This piece will work, but my room and wall generators will need some tuning.



Posted in Rant, Video Games on March 2, 2017 by osake

I’ve been all over the place with game development lately.  I have my Eternal Card Game sim which is pretty active.  I try to code on it at least an hour per week so it doesn’t rot.  I have a deck tracker for Eternal as well, which is manual, but it is what it is.

On the non-Eternal list of stuff, I started modeling out the Dungeons and Dragons Online area known as Stormreach Harbor.  It’s felt overwhelming to say the least.  I’ve started this a few times and always end up doing something else.  I’ve been watching a lot of Unity videos, getting great ideas, but nothing started yet.  I have a bowling game, a Japanese slide puzzle, a DDO character maker, and the list goes on.  I really need to put something to bed.

If the squirrel problem wasn’t bad enough, I’ve had a resurgence in playing DDO, I’m actively playing Clash Royale, pushing for 4k trophies, I just started Torment: Tides of Numenera (I actually started twice, once on my PC and once on my laptop… different builds) because it came it recently, and I’m working on 3 different Final Fantasy games.  What is wrong with me?

I’m just looking for something to scratch that itch, and it varies every day.  I’ve also been enjoying games, puzzles, books, and snuggling with my kids.  I can’t forget them, despite what my personal plans are.  On the upside, they like to watch me play Final Fantasy and they reenact scenes with their imaginations and home-made Lego swords… okay, not the safest, so we do have to practice caution.

Anyway, this was a bit ranty, I just felt the need to get it out there and cached on the mighty Internet.

P.S. I’m also writing two books, playing a lot of Rocksmith 2014, teaching myself piano, and looking to get back into art.  If days were longer, we’d just die faster.  I envy those who have narrow scope in life.

Eternal Card Game Simulator

Posted in Development, Video Games on February 8, 2017 by osake

It’s been a long time since I posted here. Blogs are dead, right?


I’ve been playing Eternal ( since closed beta. It’s a nice departure from my Hearthstone tenure (played since beta as well). One thing I really liked in Hearthstone was the deck tracker, and I knew that there was a lot of work in the Hearthstone community around simulators, etc.

Eternal seems to use HTTP traffic, at least in my first stab at deck tracking. After writing up a silly little manual deck tracking app in Javascript ( and messing with a card creation tool, I took on writing a simulator for Eternal Card Game. It’s just my own little project to mess around with Scala while recreating some behavior of the online card game I’m currently playing.

Currently, I’ve got a simple AI vs AI simulator and I’m working through the basics of solitaire mode where you can pit yourself vs AI. As a text sim, the command parsing is going to take some work, along with needing a clean-ish rendering of the board state.

I had thought of doing a few more complicated things with this simulator: creating a graphic UI with ScalaFX, exposing a RESTful JSON API with Scalatra, or maybe even rebuilding Direwolf Digital’s Unity UI. I could go on with ideas, but I think I want to stick to a simple, messy text UI for now.

The next phase I’m really interested in jumping into, once the solitaire is done, is looking at 4 player modes, so an FFA and two-headed giant. So that’s your teaser.

If you want to keep up with the simulator development, then check it out or even contribute.

Super Mario Galaxy

Posted in Video Games on November 14, 2007 by osake

Well, as you all know, the Nintendo Wii has unleashed one of its first killer apps since release. That’s right: Super Mario Galaxy. We all saw it demonstrated at E3 back in the day. We all salivated in anticipation of its release. We all got rewarded earlier this week for our patience. Metacritic has got this thing pegged at the top of the Wii list and while I haven’t saved enough dough myself, the articles about it just keep the flames of desire going.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out Dillon’s review: or more directly

Modding Oblivion, Take 2

Posted in Development, Software, Video Games on April 26, 2006 by osake

During my hiatus, I read a little bit about texturing and modeling, so I've also started to fool around in that realm. Unfortunately, I've suffering from another hardware loss. My drawing tablet. Mouse editing of textures is super tedious for me, and I really like the tablet action when available. So for now, I'm putting that on hold until I can get a new drawing tablet.

Back on track, I recently discovered that the construction kit tells you the ID of what you want to load when you mouse over the NPC (or something like that.) So I now have the black bear ID…00097A15. At last! Time to test the script which I previously attached to this mysteriously untouchable bear. Failure. That's okay. I'd rather fail from trying, you know the saying.

I spent some more time with it and scored a usable script. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's a start. Maybe I'll have something publishable soon. I haven't decided yet on this particular concept because I really wanted to be able to attach it to the player in some way. An attribute if you will. Ahh, back to the drawing board.

Modding Oblivion, Take 1

Posted in Development, Software, Video Games on April 21, 2006 by osake

So I've been playing Oblivion for a couple of days now, and I've heard about modding it, read about modding it, but hadn't tried it. That was until last night. I started with the couple of tutorials I found on it, then took to the road of writing my own mods.

Let's just say I wasn't super successful. My first problem, was I didn't read up enough on the syntax of the language. Okay, so I went back and read that instead of having something like:

timer = 10

you need something more like:

set timer to 10

Cool, fine, whatever. Every language I've tinkered around in has had growing pains. So, let's get this script setup and run with it. Well, I decide to attach this script to a bear. A black bear. I re-launch Oblivion and then I say, "D'oh!" I don't even know how to load up a bear. Back to the reference. Right, so player.placeatme <FormID> gets me the NPC I need. Alt+Tab back into the game, and BAM! A bear?!? No, another error. I can't load the bear. Why? Apparently, I don't have its FormID. After more searching, I find some nice reference sites that list NPC's, but guess what… keine Bären!

I'm tired at this point, but not down yet. I cheat my way into that monster testing area. Find the right door, find the right bear, and get the ID. I diligently type the command to load the bear. No dice! WTF? I'm done. I headed for the bed and will tackle this beast, later.